Whoot Pictures!

October 26, 2005 at 7:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Yes! It’s me! I’m back and posting twice in a week….

ok.. so here’s some pics of thingers I’ve done recently:

Please excuse my expression. When taking pics of myself I tend to worry about things such as alignment and all so I make some silly attempt at a smile and click. Anyway, this is a kitty hat that I made for my friend Alex. She wore it in NYC and will be wearing it again in the general area in December. I’m really glad she likes it and that the ears are uber furry and fluffy.

Ooo what can this be? My Clapotis is curious as you can see (yes this is my first good pic of my Clapotis, it’s HUGE! I use it as a blanket, it’s wonderful. Made from Red Heart Sport Yarn.) To answer the question, this is the ENORMOUS box of yarn sent by Erin of Crafty Me. It’s sort of a birthday present/ trade/ getting rid of yarn package.


Continuing on, we open the box to find a letter, a really big list of yarn and the pattern for her half finished Mariah (she’s doing the 33″ chest version which was posted somewhere special by Jodi so sent me her printed out copy).

The pattern, yarn and partly finished fronts and back of Mariah, I really hope I can get to this soon, it’s so pretty. First the Mark sweater tho.

The never ending box of yarn! Literally, I couldn’t believe how much is in here. I kid you not when I say Erin doubled my stash! And I don’t have a small stash, I was recently complaining about needing to use more of it up. Of course, if you try to take this new stuff away I will bite.. it’s mine now and mine it will stay… yessssssss precioussss… *grin*

And now, The Fearless Knitter requests favourite pictures, and my fav she will receive, but it will take a touch of explanation.

As is well known, I’m a Cats fan. I went to see a production being put on in a town near me a couple years ago. I dragged my friend Chris with me (who on regular occasion is shoved into costume alongside me) and put him in makeup.

The show was fantastic, the cast afterward were also. Then Chris and I went back to the hotel room and well…. we took pictures.

This picture was one of them and it remains to be my fav of the two of us.

And although this is a few years old, I found a page that I made that shows the type of craziness my friends and I get up to when one or more of us is in Cats costume. Photo taker is the aforementioned Alex, and the out of costume person is Bal. I’m in costume… the photo of me breaking the pearls is a real expression.. and very suiting for the character.

Enjoy.. Rumpleteazer and her pearls

Till next time.



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