whoot I’m updating!

October 12, 2005 at 7:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Ok.. just cuz I’m a horrible blogger and ignore my blog for ages doesn’t mean I’m not doing stuff..

which of course means PICTURES!!!

just 3 for now, but yeah.. it’s something

Noro Scarf

My Noro scarf, made from the yarn that my SP4 sent me! The colours are all off cuz this was taken at night, in my aunt’s kitchen, but it’s totally gorgeous. Pattern is from one of my books… Noro’s so beautiful that I didn’t want to distract from that with an elaborate pattern.

I personally think this worked.

Hello Kitty Sweater

Yay!! Tis the long awaited (and needed) return of the Hello Kitty Sweater! I’ve now sewn her up completely. She just needs the loose threads sewn in, 3 buttons, and a steam blocking to get the collar to sit flat. Not sure what I did but it wants to fall over.

I’m so proud of me.. Not only is this my first sweater, but it’s also my first successful intarsia! (I have an unfinished backpack, but I ended up having to fix some stuff in the back because I was lazy and did partial fair isle, leading to horrible amounts of puckering)

sunset sweater

Hee! I love this cardi!!! It’s taken out of the December 2004 Knit ‘n Style and made with some beautiful varigated red heart acrylic… (I know there are yarn snobs out there and stuff… I’m not one of them, for whatever reason.. I love me some acrylic… )

I’d get into my reasons for loving acrylic, but right now, I don’t really have time.

I literally saw this yarn on the shelf and fell in love with it. Then spent a week going through my magazines and books, and scouring the internet, trying to find a pattern worthy of it (and one that used the gauge I got). This one was perfect! And had a really cool stitch pattern that made little boxes.

It was a great stress reliever as I prepared for some medical tests (all of which came back negative YAY!) and will be a lovely Birthday present for me once I get it all sewn up.

The colours are off again, but it looks like a beautiful autumn sunset. not really so neon…

so yeah. That’s it from me right now. Will have to get some costume pics up. And must get my little butt moving on the 2 halloween costumes I’m making.

Till then. Have fun.

And don’t mind me dancing over here, it’s my birthday… and I get a bit crazy.



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