A little slow at posting for a bit…

May 18, 2005 at 6:39 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Yeah.. the joy of family.

I’ll probably be a bit slow at posting for a while, due to the fact that my family and I aren’t really having a good go at it right now..

However, in happier news, I’ve got information on how to get an apprenticeship with Stratford Festival in Canada… (more on my Livejournal) so yeah.. that’s pretty cool.

I’m working on a variation of the Branching out scarf from Knitty, I’ve got tons of laceweight (A sampling of some of the stuff I sent my SP4… I had 3000 yards of the stuff that I found for a good price.. so I sent 2/3 of it to my SP4 since she’s apparently obsessed with lace knitting, and kept some for myself to try out) so I’m making a blanket version by repeating the lace pattern over 100 stitches.. we’ll see how it turns out.

Still plucking away at my Hello Kitty sweater… Have the front and back finished and i’m working on a sleeve.

Mariah is horribly stalled, but i’m hoping to maybe work on it some next weekend…

I’m spending many of my weekends over at my grandmothers and have charity baby knitting over there to work on… currently a white, double moss stitch baby sweater 6 month size… it’s adorable.. I really wish I had my camera to show pics.. maybe when i get my credit card in order i’ll go get another one… since my original one still hasn’t shown up.

As far as costumes go… yeah… not really sewing right now.. and seeing as Anime North is just 2 weekends away, looks like most of my costumes for that won’t get done… but maybe when i’m in school come September i’ll have time to work on it, and more inclination.

I think that’s it for now..


till next time



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