Guess What…….!

April 21, 2005 at 6:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I’m learning to Crochet!

Yup… I signed up for a class and learned how to chain stitch and single crochet…

The fact that I knew how to do this already does not make my $20 plus supplies worthless.

Why you ask?

Because I only knew how to do this in relation to a knitted shawl… I’d attempted dishcloths before but the all ended looking like:

/    \

That… only in one piece… because I had no idea what was the first or last stitch…

SO the fact that I’ve made a complete block for my afghan that actually looks like a square.. is a good thing for me..

The Toronto Craft and Fibre festival is going on this weekend and I’m going to get to go on Saturday.

I’m hoping to get some stuff for Spinning while I’m there… then that’d be 2 New Year’s Resolutions to cross off (learn to crochet and learn to spin…)

I also have.. *counts on fingers* 5 costumes to finish and 2 wigs to dye and style all by May 26… damn good thing I’m fast at sewing.

I think that’s it for now..

Did I mention I miss my camera… and no.. it still hasn’t shown up.. *pouts*

soon i’ll get a new one… soon… after the mourning is over..



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