Bummer… but looking at the silver lining

April 10, 2005 at 11:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Welp… all those lovely pictures I promised in the near future…

will have to wait *hangs head*

I’m an idiot.. with a capital I… I took my brand spankin’ new digital camera which I totally love out with me and my friends yesterday, and when we stopped in the fabric store to get some fabric shopping done for more costumes (it is convention season after all)… I put my camera down.. and lost it…………..

so yeah… kinda bummed out about that… doesn’t help that my mother BROKE hers in some way that I have no idea how to fix.

so yeah… I now have to rely on the film style cameras.. which doesn’t help anyway because I’m a complete and utter klutz… and dropped my speaker on my scanner two months ago

I know.. I know… not my best year so far.

On the other hand, I’ve been accepted into the FiberRAOK group! Which is totally awesome! I haven’t had a chance yet to check too many of the other blogs yet due to the fact that my family had a late Easter this year (we can never be normal) but I’m really excited about this.

And they’re so nice there too! Thanks for all the warm welcomes.. And

Lisa… thank you so much for the tea gift certificate… Tea is all I drink! I LIVE off it! I’m going to love this.. and now have another site to haunt… so many to choose from!

Yeah.. I prattle… however in knitting news… I have the front of my Hello Kitty sweater done, and the back half done. Mariah is probably going to get some TLC these next few weeks due to the fact that I finally found the instructions for her in my mess of a room… and my socks are completely stalled.. but I’ll get to them.

I’ve been struck by the reading bug, and with this wonderful weather, I’m outside a lot, and haven’t yet learned to knit and walk…

Hopefully I’ll have a more interesting post in the near future..

maybe some more convention pics at least…




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