Who’s got the bestest Secret Pal???

March 8, 2005 at 11:06 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

ME! I do!

I’d have pics to show you how awesome my secret pal is… but mom stole my camera when she went to Florida, and now that she’s back, still has it, meaning I have to hide my new one since she’s getting the old one for her birthday.


good… 😀

anyway, my first SP4 package arrived a couple weeks ago. In it, there was a ball of really cool orange yarn that is SO becoming the tail to my Saff costume (which needs to be done for april.. EEK!)

wool wash (a special laundry detergent for knitting stuffs), a sheep pez dispencer *grin* which totally rocks! and I… think that’s all there was… I feel bad for not knowing.. but my room’s a disaster so whatever else there was is probably being digested by one of the 4 elephants who live in here….

my second package arrived today, which totally took me by surprise and made my day get SO much better.

In it was glow-in-the-dark yarn (EEEE! you have no idea how cool this stuff is.. even if it feels like origional phentex… it GLOWS!!!!!), a set of 9mm bamboo needles, a hello kitty postcard (which I LOVES!!!! And is getting hung up next to the one from Jouley), and a candy necklace which is oh so sugar intensive.

so all I have to say is


and yeah.. hopefully pics this weekend? not sure… i’m so bad with this


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