Keeping warm in Canada

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So with somewhat of a cold spell this past week, I figured I’d give you a montage of how some of us Canadians keep our heads warm…

We begin with this lovely headband made from Patons Twister.

Keeps the ears nice and toasty, hugs the head, but doesn’t muss the hair too much.

Unfortunately the picture doesn’t really show the headbandness of it, but you get the idea. I made another headband, identical to this, for a coworker (the mummy of Baby Victoria).

Now this lovely number is the “Loopy Valez Cowl” from Stitch n Bitch. Made from Phentex Dynasty. The inspiration for me actually making this was produced by Fidget. When I saw her lovely blue Loopy, I decided that I had to have one and that I could use some of my stash yarn to do it.

My brother says I look like an old lady with it up around my head.. but then again, he’s a guy… what does he know about style and stuff…. Anyway. This Cowl also keeps the ears warm, tho not as good as the headband. It’s better for me, worn around the neck like a scarf, with a hat for my head.

But then I’m rather cold blooded.

This little number was made out of my stash yarn that was left over AFTER finishing Loopy. It’s a pattern that I just grabbed out of my own head…

(Take 3 or more colours… any sized needles that work with the yarn, cast on 24 st, k4, p4 rib for 8 rows, change colour and reverse the rib… continue until the scarf is long enough or you run out of yarn, whichever comes first. Finish it off with some fringe or beads or whatever strikes your fancy).

A very nice neck and ear warmer if I do say so myself, tho I’ve only just been able to try it out today… Unfortunately, my camera was having a spazz attack and the colours didn’t come out NEAR so vibrant as they are.. (think almost 80’s neon…)

Now this little number that’s EATING MY HEAD!!! Is actually a gift for a friend in BC (and part of my Think Pink Knit along).

My friend asked for “Pink and fluffy”… um… I think I got that in SPADES!

This thing is uber warm, and I hope she likes it.. It’s uber cute too… and the little dangly tie things are really nice. I was worried this hat would feel itchy and such from the fuzziness, but it’s not bad at all…

I’ve got one more kitty hat to finish.. but I’m not gonna… because of this:

To your left is the beautiful pink sweater with Hello Kitty on it out of some stash yarn from my evil Grandmother (see previous post). I think Baby Victoria will look gorgeous in it… even if she’s seven before she can wear it… (I’m worried about the size.. but she’s an infant so she’s got a lot of growing to do..)

To the right, is the beginnings of my Mariah. Due, once again, to my camera, you can’t see how lucious and amazing this green is (I’ve gone into a green phase.. it’ll probably pass quickly, but I can tell I’ll love this Cardigan for a while).

Now this.. this is something special.. This is my very first knit sock…

I’m so proud *sniff*

Now there are some glaring errors to it (the ankle’s too wide, the foot is too small, the toe seam is facing the wrong way out…)

But I loves my sock.. it just needs a mate to make it happy… I figure once I finish the front of Baby Vicki’s sweater, I’ll make myself another one..

I also have yarn for Clapotis as well… I’ll get around to it, but I’m using it as a prize for when I finish something big… Like Mariah or HK… but we’ll see how long I can hold out.

And once again… I promise costume pictures in the near future… but yeah.. it’s the chore of GLUING myself into one of them that keeps me from taking them.

If all else fails.. You’ll get convention photos..

till next time



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