Trying to get on a system

February 8, 2005 at 11:03 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

All right… so I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers have specific days for specific things… Alison over at The Blue Blog has knitalong tuesday, MA over at Knitting Single Mom has a whole SLEW of days: tuesday is also her knitalong day, and wednesday is for WIP, sunday is picspam day and it seems to work really well. There are other blogs that have set days for set posts, but, well… I read these two every day and they popped to mind. So, one of my plans, being someone who really hates to leave a poor journal on it’s lonesome, but also has a tendancy to be lazy as all getout, is to try and get an organized set of days that I’ll post. It won’t be every day, sorry, but maybe… 2 days a week set with extra posts if I feel it’s needed. not sure.. I just hate the fact that I’ll go for like.. 2 weeks with no post, then post 3 days in a row… Being a blog reader, I know the aggravation of checking a blog daily for a month to find nothing, then not check it for a week only to come back and have 10 posts to read. Plus posting regularly might get more people to come visit… especially if I’m witty and entertaining… But I can work on that later.. So… In knitting news, I made the Loopy Neck Cowl thinger from Stitch ‘n Bitch. It’s in really cool bright colours, and even if my brother said it made me look like an old lady, I love it. I’m making a scarf out of.. I guess… a basket weave pattern, not sure exactly how to describe it, but I’ll get pics of it soon. It’s very much WIP cuz it’s just me using up some of my extra scrap stash yarn. This way I can go out an buy more yarn! SP4 is very much underway, I’ve got some stuff together for the person I’m spoiling, and I’m looking forward to being spoiled *waves frantically* HI SP!!!! i’m not even hazarding a guess as to who my SP is yet, but she’s really sweet and uber excited about this… plus, she’s a novice like me, so I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. I’ve finally (YAY) started the Hello Kitty set I’m making for Baby Victoria. It’s going to be huge on her, but hopefully next year she’ll be able to start wearing it, and the year after she’ll get a bunch of wear out of. This is also a stash yarn project… My evil gramma (won’t get into it, but one side of my family is not as much liked by me as the other) had decided a year or so ago to start knitting for all us grandkids.. however.. she chose this HORRENDOUS pink yarn for the girl’s sweaters Well, I liberated her of the yarn and most of her needles when she decided to just make scarves, and while the pink would have been aweful on me, on a little baby girl, with Hello Kitty on the front… it’s going to be cute as anything. Not to mention that I’m thinking of adding a hood to the sweater with ears on it, so she doesn’t have to wear the hat (since many baby’s have issues with hats) to keep her little ears warm. Now because Hello Kitty is Intarsia/fairisle, I’m not taking this project to work with me (too many balls of yarn getting tangled. ugh) So Mariah is my work project. I’m doing this in a dark green worsted, it’s kinda like Red Heart but I’m not sure if it actually is…. I’ll have to check it, but it’s in my work bag downstairs.. and I’m too lazy to run and get it. I’ve decided (since I really want something Hello Kitty too… ) that Mariah is going to be Hello Kitty’d. It’s getting the picture of Hello Kitty somewhere on the sweater, might be front left side, but if it won’t fit, the pic will be on the back with ‘HK’ on the fron left side. And the hood is SO getting ears… I like ears, can you tell. I also really really REALLY need to finish my BC friend’s kitty hats… One just needs ears, the other just needs ties and ears… I’m just distracted by sweaters and stuff… i’m bad, i know.. anyway.. YAY! I updated! go me! Will have to get pics of stuff for you… maybe I’ll have a picspam day too.. but I don’t think I knit fast enough to warrant it :-(.. oh well. Ttyl -saff


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