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Guess what! You get to see all the knitting pics that I haven’t shown you from October!

Don’t you feel special!

Then maybe by next week I’ll show you guys my costume pics, which include my Halloween costume (a vampiress, complete with meal.. ), mostly finished Birdie, and my cheap excuse for a Mr. Mistoffolees… I might put up a pic of my Cassandra costume (courtesy of Erikonil and Idiosylph) from when I wore it to Nekocon.. but we’ll see…

now.. onto the knitting! whee!

So, this is the first pic of the arm and leg warmers that I made for Julianna for Halloween. It was a commission, and made me realize that

A) I have a serious dislike for knitting warmers.
B) Commissions are hard and stressful, especially when there are prettier things to knit.

So these are the leg warmers, hopefully they’re linked, I’m still getting used to this whole blog thing.

And this is the arm warmers, see above for an explanation. This is for the character Etcetera from the London production.

Now… This is my mother’s Charlotte’s web shawl. I made this for her for Christmas. It’s done in Mauve and Pink because she’s in the Red Hat Society, but is a junior member. The first two pics are in progress obviously, but I was thrilled that I was actually getting the shawl made properly (I’d already ripped it out at least 7 times). The second two pics are finished (my camera sucks so ignore the bad colouring).

Mom loves the shawl, but loves it to the point that she doesn’t want to wear it out of the house… which…. isn’t what I meant it for, but anyway. It’s her shawl, and she can do with it what she likes.

This is my multi-directional scarf that I made for the knitalong that I put together.

I learned a lot from this scarf, how to do fringe, how to do short rows…

How NOT to run a knitalong… I think from now on I’m just gonna join knitalongs instead of running them. I can hardly keep my own blog updated, much less run a knitalong.

This is just a pic showing the diagonal stripeyness.

I don’t have a pic with the fringe on, and since this is my work scarf, it’s kinda icky and dirty and stuff, so you won’t be seeing a pic of it, but this next scarf will show you how good I’ve gotten at fringe.

This lovely set was made for my mother’s boyfriend and was cause of much stress for me. Not knowing him very well, I wasn’t sure if he’d actually wear a scarf. Therefore I made the hat last minute (it’s the Plaid Man’s scarf from Vogue Knitting Knit 1 Magazine, and the Hot head hat from Stitch ‘n Bitch). When he opened it he was really thrilled with the scarf (the hat was… well… not such a big hit, but he’s kinda worried about his hair a lot.. ). He was even wearing the scarf the next day when we went to get a forgotten gift from him. Way cool!

The things that I learned with this set:
A) How to crochet a chain stitch (vertical lines are done that way)
B) How to do a better fringe.

C) That I like making hats on circular needles better than flat and stitching them up.

This hat was made for my friend Jouley in NY. (see the post about the Online Knitting Circle). It’s made out of Plymouth Twister and a regular Red Heart verigated. I was so proud that I matched the two this nicely.

It’s just a simple hat, put together to keep Jouley’s head warm.

Here’s hoping it works.

Just a pic to show you how well the two colours work together. I really love this hat and I’m pondering about making one for myself.

Well that’s it for the parade of pictures for right now. I do have a large amount of navy blue plymouth encore that I got from the owner of Burnt Orange that’s going to become Mariahif I can ever get it to swatch to the right gauge (here’s hoping). I’ve also joined the Think Pink Knitalong and I’m going to make a hooded baby sweater for my coworker’s baby girl.

Speaking of her. She was the recipient of the Big Bad Baby Blanket that I made a while back, and when she was brought into work yesterday, her mom was using it to keep little Victoria warm.

I was so thrilled!

But the poor little thing only has a brother, and while the parents didn’t know the sex, the mother felt she was having another boy.

So little Victoria doesn’t have much pink yet.

The Hello Kitty Outfit that I’m making for the Hello Kitty knitalong is going to be for her as well, but it’d be more for next year. (I’m also going to try and make an outfit for myself for the winter or something… with a pink flip skirt or big poofy skirt over a crinoline would be really really cute I think.. something to wear to a con… hmmm..

I think that’s about it for knitting right now. We’ll see if I can get some costume pics and stuff up next week sometime..

Till then! Have fun and keep knitting!



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