Wow… need to update

January 11, 2005 at 10:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

All righty.. this is just a quick post to say, yes I’m still alive…

Yes I’m still knitting…

Yes I have NO time on my hands.

I’ve got tons of pics to show everyone but here’s a break down of my recent adventures in Knitting and Costume making/planning.

so as far as knitting goes:

Completed works

-Red Hat Society Charlotte’s Web Shawl… christmas present for mom
-Plaid man’s scarf and stripey hat… christmas present for mom’s boyfriend
-Camoflauge multi-directional scarf… for me
-Headband in Plymouth Twister… 2.. one for me, one for a coworker
-Hat in plymouth twister and verigated red heart… christmas present for Jouley Semi completed works

-Multi directional scarf for my winter set
-Punk Rock Backpack
-Christmas/Newyear’s/ sometime soon I hope Bernat Matrix Shell (this yarn is a B!TCH to use and try to finish with.. beware…) WIP

-Pink fluffy kitty hat for Fairlith
-pretty coloured kitty hat for Alex
-Pascha the penguin for Jouley
-Lace scarf/wrap for me
-Psychedelic afghan Future projects

-Mariah (for Mariah along.. must get button up)- from
-Leftovers vest- from
-Highland vest – from a ton of others planned, those are just the immediate ones…

now onto costumes..

WIP (as that’s all that’s new)

-Birdie (make gloves and style wig)
-Misto (make new wig)
-Tugger (Make wig, vest and ruff)
-Wooly Ulala from Space Channel 5 (i’ve bought the fabric.. go me!)
-Rikku from Final Fantasy X
-Auron from Final Fantasy X
-Saffity (made up Cat from the broadway musical)
-Possibly a character from Slayers… we’ll see…so far that’s it… Birdie is closer to being done than I thought she would be.. might be able to wear her for the next con.. that’d be fun…

anyway, that’s 3:30 am ish for me… so I should head off…

I promise pics soon.. I just have to edit them for size and upload them to my site…

I know.. I’m horrible at updating, but I promise I’ll be better.. I’ve joined Secret Pals 4 so I HAVE to be  better.. whee!




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