100 Things you never wanted to know about me

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So.. these lists have been cropping up on pretty much all the blogs I read, and I finally decided to do one of my own..

Bear with me

1. I’m a Canadian
2. I’m 22 years old
3. I was born a month and a half premature.
4. This resulted in me getting jaundice
5. I got over it quickly but it was the start of my many health issues.
6. I’ve never had stitches.
7. I did end up ripping the right side of my face open on an ice hill, nearly losing my eye in the process
8. I have no scars from this.
9. The only bones I’ve broken were the baby toes on each foot.

10. I did dislocate my knee, which ended up with me having sugery on it to remove most of the cartiledge.
11. I collect Hard Rock Cafe teddy bears, and currently have over 40 from around the world.
12. I live in Ontario, my dad lives in BC.
13. I do a fair amount of travelling to visit him, so does he.
14. I’m absolutely obsessed with musical theatre.
15. My favourite musical is Cats.
16. I’ve gone to see Cats 7.5 times live, most times wearing a costume based off of a character in the show.
17. During one show I was pulled up on stage and danced with one of the Cats.
18. My family finds me frightening because of this obsession.
19. I’m the black sheep in my family.
20. I went to college for Physiotherapy Assistant.
21. I dropped out after 2 months.

22. I almost went to university to become a costume designer.
23. I go to anime conventions on a regular basis.
24. I almost always go in costume.
25. I’ve won 3 masquerade awards and 1 hall award for my costumes.
26. I have one costume buddy named Chris.
27. It’s safe to say the Chris saved my life.
28. I battle depression on a regular basis.
29. Chris keeps me happy most of the time.
30. I learned a lot of things when I was 4 years old, knitting, sewing, piano.
31. I can play the piano but not very well.
32. I love to dance, but never really took dance lessons.
33. I have a brother who loves to annoy me.
34. I have a bad temper that often goes off on my brother.
35. I have an issue with eating.
36. I don’t have an eating disorder, I just forget to eat.
37. Or I’m too lazy to make food at the time.
38. I’m also a very picky eater.
39. Pretty much the only things I’ll eat on a regular basis are rice, Mac and cheese, and cream of wheat porridge.
40. I like the cheap version of Mac and cheese better than the expensive stuff.
41. I have a playstation 2.
42. I don’t play it very often.
43. My favourite game on it is Space Channel 5.
44. I like to write and draw.
45. I’m not very good at either.
46. I have friends all over North America.
47. I have some friends in Europe but I haven’t been able to meet them face to face yet.
48. I’ve been in romantic relationships with boys and girls.
49. I’m not sure which I like better.
50. I’m not religious.
51. I love to read.
52. My favourite author is David Eddings
53. My favourite book is The Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery.
54. I hate Anne of Green Gables.
55. I love fairies.
56. I can speak English, and a little bit of french.
57. I can say thank you in over 10 languages.
58. I really want to learn Japanese.
59. I listen to Japanese music.
60. My favourite Japanese band is Morning Musume.
61. A lot of people think I’m stupid for this.
62. I’m a horrible procrastinator.
63. I love making webpages, just not keeping them updated.
64. Halloween is my favourite time of year.
65. I don’t like family gatherings.
66. I hated my step father… he was very abusive.
67. He’s the cause of my depression.
68. My dad’s wife isn’t on the top of my ‘like’ list either.
69. I don’t really like anyone on my dad’s side of the family.
70. If I had my choice I wouldn’t see any of them again.
71. I work in a factory.
72. I’m probably going to be a secretary.
73. I’m not athletic at all.
74. I’m quite underweight.
75. I don’t drive.
76. I’m scared of driving.
77. I’m very happy to take the bus.
78. I would love to live in Toronto.
79. I have way too much theatrical makeup.
80. I also have way too much yarn.
81. I keep buying more of both.
82. My hair never stays the same colour for long.
83. My family wishes I would stay blond.
84. I had a dog named Teddy but she was put down.
85. I was really jealous of my brother because he had his own hampster and I never got a pet of my own.
86. I really like my mom’s current boyfriend.
87. I live at home and pay board.
88. I’m thinking of asking mom if I can pay rent and maybe own this house in the future.
89. I love pajamas with feet on them
90. I sleep with a teddy bear.
91. I look at least 5 years younger than I am.
92. I was nearly thrown out of my highschool in my senior year because one of the new teachers thought I was from the Elementarly school across the road.
93. I had that teacher next semester for history and I never let him live it down.
94. I like to cook, just not for myself.
95. I’ve been to Disney World twice and Disney Land once.
96. I’ve never been off of North America.
97. I want to backpack across Europe.
98. I get cheap airplane tickets from my dad.
99. I’m so boring it took me forever to think up the last fact.
100. I hope to eventually be depression free and live in happiness.-saff


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