What to make what to make

November 23, 2004 at 10:36 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Ok.. so.. here’s the scoop with me recently..

I have been really REALLY expanding my stash (or rather, picking up a skein or two for something, and using half of it and no more.. or not using it at all)

So I currently have a good 3 1/2 drawers in my sewing tower filled with yarn and an entire side of my shelving unit filled with yarn.

I also just spent a good $90 on yarn this weekend (it’s for trades so I didn’t actually buy yarn, but i’ll get it soonish)

My friend Whodini has given me the mandate that after I get these trades I CANNOT buy any more yarn till I’ve used up a good portion of my stash… (he’d prefer me to get it down to about 1-2 skeins or balls of yarn but I think he’ll live with me using up about half… )

So.. I’m currently making the Psychedelic Squares Afghan and using the Garter stitch variation to make pillows out of my very small amounts of spare yarn…

however I’ve got bigger groups of yarn that I’m hoping I can make something wearable out of… I’ll see if I can get pics of some of my yarn..

Oh.. and I’ve got lots and lots and lots of icky phentex yarn (Not the nice dynasty or merit stuff but the origional) that I bought to make wigs out of and kinda…. passed on that idea…

I’m trying to figure out something I can do with that to get rid of it.. but I think i’m just going to have to give it to a second hand store cuz it really is horrid stuff..

I’ve got some nice fancy stuff that I’m pondering making a wrap or shrug out of… but i’ll have to ponder it.

Anyway, just trying to go through what patterns I have to see what I can do..

I think that’s it from me right now.. ‘specially since it’s 2 am and i’m prattling on..

so night all




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