Yay!! Costume and Skit work!

August 20, 2004 at 3:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

All right.. so to get the ball started I’m putting in an itinerary of sorts of things that I’m doing/need to do/ want to do.


costume stuff:

For the convention next weekend, i’ve got my birdie (sailor moon) costume to do… i’ve got it about 10 % done, but it’s essentially just a body suit so it shouldn’t take long, I also have to braid the wig and add the little braid across the forehead.

my Misto costume, which has the body suit, and wig… i need to make a sparkly vest, plus a white bib, and a tail for him.

Then I have to restyle the Jessie wig (lotsa hairspray) and dye the James wig… I tried Kool-aid but it didn’t work, plus it made my room smell bad… so i’m going to try manic panic and pray…

for halloween, I’ve got a tugger costume that I have to make a wig, vest and mane for (yay for fake fur)

a kids quaxo costume that needs a warmer, and a redo of a wig (cuz i’ll now how a kid quaxo and adult misto, thereby needing 2 wigs if both are to be worn at the same time..)

a costume for chris, which was supposed to be cats related, but he doesn’t wear unitards well….

and a set of video etcetera warmers for Julianna’s friend, which i have to get back to her with definite prices.

then.. for Neko con, i’m so uber lucky that Erikonil and Idiosylph have offered to make me a German Cassandra costume. I’m a bit nervous about wearing it, as Cass isn’t one of my fav characters, but I hope I pull her off ok.

and as miscellaneous costumes right now, i’m finally going to make a Saff cat costume, have one warmer done, and a plan….. so we’ll see how long it takes to make it.

as far as skits and such go, for now I just have my skit to rehears for next weekend’s con. I’ve got the song cut and everything, but I have to choreograph some parts of it, and practice like crazy.

for knitting, I’ve got my backpack that I want to get knit up and such so I have something to carry around my projects in.

then i’ve got christmas presents to start for my friends *grin* I’m liking this knitting thing!

so for now that’s what i have planned and started. We’ll see how my progress goes in the near future.


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